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    Woman Found Guilty of Hitting Police Officer with Quiche

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    A woman is found guilty of assaulting a police officer with a quiche.

    A woman in New South Wales was recently found guilty of a bizarre crime.

    She reportedly assaulted a police officer, not with her hands or feet but her weapon of choice was a quiche.

    Law enforcement authorities told the court that the 41-year-old woman rammed a cop with a baby stroller then threw the pie at him after she was served with a violence order. The lady told the court the policeman was in her way and she dropped the baked concoction to protect her child.

    She stated “I had no room to move. The quiche was thrown down to save my baby from tipping out of the pram.” Court authorities showed a photo taken by an officer which depicted that the quiche was tossed forcibly and that she could have moved around the cop to avoid striking him with the carriage, leading to the guilty verdict.

    Last year, a South Carolina man was arrested for fighting with his wife over food terminology. Police were dispatched to the home of 51-year-old, Perry Williams after his spouse called emergency operators.

    The couple was reportedly arguing over a simple issue; whether or not key lime pie was considered a fruit which escalated into Williams throwing the pie at his wife.