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    Skeletons Found in Deposed Leader’s House

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    Skeletons are found in a deposed leader's house.

    Francois Bozizé is gone from the Central African Republic, but what remains are actual remains.

    After 10 years at the helm of a notoriously corrupt government, the president was ousted by rebels last month and fled to Cameroon.

    When rebels searched his empty house they found two skeletons buried beneath the garage floorboards.

    Based on the state of the skeletons, the time of death is guessed to be several months ago.

    The deposed leader has not been officially charged with anything related to the discovery, but rebels are eager to find out their origins.

    Speculations include family members, detractors, and human sacrifice.

    Ritual killings are a known practice in Central Africa, promising to bring power and fortune to the person instigating the murder. Bones are also traded for witchcraft purposes.

    About half of the country’s residents are Christians, 15 percent are Muslim, and 35 percent practice indigenous or no religions. Most Christians incorporate some aspect of indigenous beliefs.

    The country’s penal code outlaws witchcraft but typically only prosecutes in cases where extreme harm is caused to another person.