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    Dangerous Levels of Lead in US Rice

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    by Geo Beats

    There are dangerous levels of lead in US rice.

    The surprising results of an analysis on commercially imported rice in the United States show that the level of lead it contains could be dangerously high.
    The amount of lead is much higher than the provisional total tolerable intake or PTTI as established by the Food and Drug Administration.

    About 7 percent of the rice sold in the US is imported from countries like Italy, China, Taiwan, India, Israel and others.

    Traces of toxic heavy metals and arsenic were found in other rice samples.

    China and Taiwan had the highest levels of lead in the rice, but all of the samples had levels that exceed the established PTTI.

    Many health problems can be caused by lead, including damage to the body’s central nervous system and vital organs.

    An associate professor of chemistry at Monmouth University in New Jersey said: “According to the FDA, for chemical toxicants to cause a health effect, they have to be ten times the PTTI. Our calculated exposure levels were two to 12 times higher than ten times the PTTI. Meaning, they can cause adverse health effects.”