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    Dubai Police Unveils New Lamborghini Aventador

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    by Geo Beats

    The Dubai police department unveils a new Lamborghini Aventador.

    Dubai is a glamorous city - why should its law enforcement infrastructure be any less exceptional?

    Check out their newest patrol car. The vehicle is an upscale Lamborghini Aventador. The car bears the license number 8. Photos of the uber-fast machine have gone viral on Twitter.

    Last month, the department stated that they would be adding sporty décor to several of their police issued vehicles. Police also released a statement claiming that they would be introducing race-like cars into their patrol lineup.

    It seems a decked out car is something very much needed, as Dubai is known to have major traffic issues.

    Last year, Dubai police issued a whopping 67,000 driving fines in one month. Recent department figures cite that 15 percent of speeding fines issued were for locals driving in excess of 130 miles per hour.

    In 2008, several Lamborghinis were donated to the Italian State Police. However a year later, one of them was badly damaged after another car leaving a gas station clipped it and sent the luxurious car swerving into a line of parked vehicles.