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    Man Tries to Saw Off Own Arms in Home Depot Store

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A man tried to saw off his own arms in a Home Depot store.

    You never know what disturbing scene you might come across while shopping.

    Recently, customers at a Home Depot in California discovered a man surrounded by blood.

    The male had attempted to purposely saw both of his own arms off using the store’s tools. There was a bright side to the horrific act.

    Thankfully an off-duty Pasadena Fire Captain had been at the store during the ordeal and abruptly rushed to help the victim. The fire authority used what was on store shelves to assist the bloody man without wearing any gloves.

    Using towels and nylon rope, the fire veteran was able to taper off the bleeding, saving the victim’s life.

    Earlier this year, a man committed suicide in a Dick’s Sporting Goods store. The middle-aged male walked into the Pennsylvania based chain store and asked to see a shotgun and ammunition.

    After the clerk unlocked the firearm, the customer grabbed the gun and ammunition and barricaded himself into the store’s bathroom, which is where he shot himself.