Jay-Z Reportedly Buying Private Island for Beyonce

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Jay-Z is reportedly buying a private island for Beyonce.

A private island may sound like an extravagant 5th anniversary gift, but it turns out that’s just how some people roll.

Somebody let it spill that Jay-Z plans to gift the nearly 4 million-dollar island to his wife, Beyonce, and their baby, Blue. Partially intended to mark the couple’s wedding anniversary, it’s also a way for the family to get more privacy.

In this instance it may really be the thought that counts. The pair regularly exchanges extravagant gifts. For his birthday this past December, Beyonce reportedly bought Jay-Z a 5 million dollar watch.

The couple has reportedly spent 1.5 million dollars on presents for the now 1 year-old daughter.

No doubt in certain circles there’s pressure to keep up with the Joneses, or more likely, the Beckhams. Several years ago, David bought Victoria a multi-million dollar Napa vineyard for her birthday.

Likewise a Russian billionaire gave his beloved the moon – literally - he bought 100 acres of it, although that only cost around twenty five hundred dollars.