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    The Glee club preps for Regionals but instead face a grim reality in the most emotional episode ever. Thanks for checking out ClevverMusic's Glee Cap, a recap of the episode "Shooting Star". Unlike most Glee episodes this one started with a warning on the screen about the school depicting school related violence. And it did.

    In Glee class, Brittany foreshadows the coming events by announcing to the club a meteor is headed to McKinley High and they are all going to die. She nicknames the meteor Tubbington Bop after her cat. So the theme for the week's assignments? Last chance songs. Ryder goes first, singing Elton John's "Your Song" to the girl he thinks is his cyber girlfriend Katie, check it out.

    After that, Ryder learns he's been catfished. Katie is not the girl's name and she has no idea who Ryder is and of course he's devastated. Sam takes his turn at the assignment, singing an acoustic version of "More Than Words" to his current obsession, Brittany. Except, Brittany ends up singing the song to her cat Lord Tubbington.

    Keeping with the carpe diem theme, Coach Bieste surprises Mr. Schu with a romantic Lady & the Tramp dinner in the locker room to try to seduce him. Of course, he doesn't feel the same way and tells Coach he is back with Emma. Back in class, Brittany announces the meteor coming toward earth is actually a dead bug in her telescope Pringle can. But everyone is inspired by her seize the moment attitude floating in the air, and continue the spirit. Until the unexpected happens. The Glee kids are in the classroom when they hear two gunshots. They all hide, but Sam realizes Brittany is in the bathroom and and Blaine is worried about Tina who is missing. Mr. Schu finds Brittany in the bathroom and with the ok from a SWAT Team everyone reunites after a terrifying experience.

    With no shooter found, the Police search the kids lockers for evidence. Sue reveals in the teacher's room to Mr. Schu and Coach Bieste that the gun was hers. Sue then tells Mr. Figgins the gun shots were from her gun that accidentally went off in her locker. We learn that it was actually downs syndrome Cheerio Becky who brought the gun and accidentally fired shots. We see Sue more vulnerable than ever and to protect Becky, takes the blame, and is immediately fired.

    Finally, Tina and Blaine admit their love for one another, and Will signs Coach Bieste up for a dating website. The emotional show ends with the club singing John Mayer's "Say" where we see the student's last confessions, here's a peek.

    While no Glee students were injured as the show tackled the subject of school shootings, do you think they executed the topic effectively? Tell us your thoughts on this controversial episode. And then also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Glee news ever week. I'm Misty Kingma here for you guys, see you next time.