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    'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer Description


    by ClevverMovies

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    Thor and Loki look like they are teaming up in the first look at Thor: The Dark World. Which confirms what some of you all out there were already expecting! Audiences got a God of Thunder sneak peak at the Disney Consumer Show in Mexico, when VP of Marvel, Nigel Cook showed the trailer of the second installment of Thor. Now of course, a lot of people are giving their versions of what they saw, so we are piecing it all together, but here's a little summary of what we've heard so far. First up, people are saying that it's AWESOME. Shhhhhyaaah. And the trailer starts with a Thor voiceover, which some b-roll of a huge battle where a ton of people, including Jane Foster, are running scared from something. Thor says quote "I promised I would return for you" with a shot of him returning to earth to swoop up Jane. Now, apparently the mighty Avenger, Thor, is shown being very rundown and tired this time around, and on the search for some help because he can not stand up against supervillian Malekith. And the trailer then moves to a scene where we see someone on the ground in a crystal prison, and guess who it is???? Yep, it's Loki! Thor then approaches Loki and asks for his help and says to him "if you betray me, I will kill you." Loki responds with a smile, and says "What do I have to do?" Cut to a huge scene where Thor and Malekith are battling. Jane is there. And Malekith looks extra threatening. The next epic moment is when what we can assume is Malekith focusing his evil efforts in Jane's direction, and the trailer ends with Thor yelling "NOOOO." That's all we have so far, but it sounds freaking awesome, right? As if my excitement for Iron Man 3 isn't overwhelming enough, now I am even MORE looking forward to it on May 3rd, because we will get our first look at Thor:The Dark World during the previews! But are you all with me on this? Does this little summary sound like the Thor sequel you are expecting? What do you think about the Loki/Thor team-up? Totally leave a comment down in that comments section, and like us on Facebook too so you can check out some of the set photos we've posted so far from the set of Thor: The Dark World. From our studio, in Hollywood, I am Erin White. Bye Guys!