Northern Bigfoot Breakdown


by CryptoTV+

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This was reportedly shot in October in Seattle.
It is a very interesting video, it looks very human like and I do not think it is a suit. Could it be a person with hair stuck on their body...maybe but I'm not sure on that. It could be a much older sasquatch that has a lot of hair loss.... the head looks a little odd as well but with hair loss that could change the shape and look as well. This could be a real sasquatch... And this thing gives eye shine at the first of the video.
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I did not personally film this. It is interesting.
By CryptoTV+ Last year
It looks to me like two life-sized teddy bears. There have been many teddy bear sightings that are often mistaken to be bigfoot. Theodore Roosevelt based the doll design after encountering them on his travels. One clear way to tell, was the eye shine. Bigfoots have reddish eyes, and reflect a greenish-blue tint. The white eye shine seen in the vid, is far out of the blue spectrum. Also, there is no mention of the smell associated with bigfoot, nor were their any vocalizations. Teddy bears are a bit shy, and would walk away slowly, as these two did. Bigfoots on the other hand are quite friendly, and may have offered to share their peanuts and jerky, had the cameraman actually been this close to them.
By Pax Zin 2 years ago
Thomas, did you film this?
By MassSwampPeople 2 years ago