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    Freediving & Spearfishing - 2013

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    In February 2013 we spent a month in New Zealand.. we went freediving at the Poor Knights Islands Wildlife Reserve and spearfishing along the East Coast of Northland. An amazing place to dive and hunt.. beautiful colours, lots of fish.. BIG fish! We were eating Snapper, Kingfish and Kahawai every night! Notable moments were Jessie spearing her first fish, crystal vis at Poor Knights, snooping for Snapper over epic ground.. smashing more Urchins than I can remember, Shark encounters, getting my first Kingfish on a solo dive at sunset with a Bronzie hanging around.. and finally.. on the last day, losing the fish of the trip!! We had a great time and I can safely say that we'll be going back..... there's a 30Kg Kingfish swimming around over there with my name still on it!

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