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My Top 30 Movie Lovers

5 years ago12.5K views

My favorite romantic couples in the history of cinema (NOT THE BEST, just the ones I love most).

MUSIC: "You're so cool" by Hans Zimmer (from the score of "True romance") and "Stay with me" by Clint Mansell (from the score of "The Fountain").

30.-Korben + Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
29.-Tony + Pepper (Iron Man)
28.-C.C. + Fran (The Apartment)
27.-Clarence + Alabama (True romance)
26.-Harry + Helen (True lies)
25.-Slim + Steve (To have and have not)
24.-Joel + Clementine (Eternal sunshine of the...)
23.-Léon + Mathilda
22.-Ninotchka + Leon
21.-Harold + Ana (Stranger than fiction)
20.-T.R. + Alicia (Notorious)
19.-James + Vesper (Casino Royale)
18.-Francesca + Robert (The Bridges of Madison...)
17.-Bender + Claire (The Breakfast Club)
16.-Lindsay + Virgil (The Abyss)
15.-Amy + Norville (The Hudsucker Proxy)
14.-Selina + Bruce (Batman returns)
13.-Lynn + Bud (L.A. Confidential)
12.-Jin + Xiao Mei (House of Flying Daggers)
11.-Mina + Vlad (Bram Stoker's Dracula)
10.-Jane Eyre + Rochester
9.-Indy + Marion (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
8.-Tommy + Isabel (The Fountain)
7.-Navarre + Isabeau (LadyHawke)
6.-Jack + Sally (Nightmare before Christmas)
5.-Superman + Lois
4.-Starman + Jenny
3.-Han + Leia (The Empire strikes back)
2.-Anya + Joe (Roman Holiday)
1.-Lucius + Ivy (The Village)