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    Country Mulls Canine Meat Export to Address Stray Dog Problem

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    A country mulls canine meat export to address stray dog problem.

    In the country of Samoa, stray dogs outnumber tourists. Government officials are debating proposals on how to best solve the problem.

    One solution being discussed is exporting the homeless canines to Asian countries as food.

    The fix has actually garnered some support as it will rid the area of the sometimes-violent animals and bring in money.

    The country’s Finance Minister is completely on board and said, "there is no difference between the meat of a pig and that of a dog".

    Another official is somewhat convinced but proposes the meat be sampled first.

    He also thinks the decision-makers should consider the alternative of dog racing.

    According to him, dog racing has proven successful in other countries as a means of generating money and could also add incentive for people to welcome the dogs into their homes.

    In China, where pet ownership is on the rise, the practice of eating dog meat is being met with increasing resistance.

    An animal rights campaign was recently successful in having a 600-year-old festival at which dogs were slaughtered and consumed cancelled.