Traffik Buster, Review of Most POWERFUL Traffic Software that Really Works!

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Traffik Buster, a software that claims to deliver thousands of website visitors to your site using social media like Twitter and Hashtags and more to be come.

Traffik Buster works in 2 ways to drive traffic to your site:

1. Trend Buster The most used module of Traffik Buster. Using the power of trending topics, This module will build accounts, customize the account image, bio & location, Then use each account to post your selected tweets with the current trending topics to send thousands of messages, placing your message and urls in front of millions of people talking about this trends. Trends Buster also has the ability to target trends based on Country.

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2. Hashtags Buster Utilizing the power of Hashtags Traffik Buster allows you to place you message in front of millions of people. This is an insaine way to gain exposure to your brand and drive massive traffic to your sites.

Traffik Buster Claimed:

Traffik Buster is an automated tool built to generate traffic to your Websites,Blogs, Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages, Twitter Apps, FaceBook Apps & Fan Pages, Referral Links, Aff Links,
Youtube Videos Or Any Other Type Of Link, Message You Want To Drive Traffic To
Traffik Buster now gives you the option to use 4 threads or if you have a stronger system. You can open more Instances and Run even more threads. This will drastically change the amount of traffic. but even in the development stages one instance generated over 1k Unique Hits Per Hour. You also have the option to send traffic to multiple URL's in your campaign

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Other things you need to use to support Traffik Buster to run smoothly
Traffik Buster can now control your HMA VPN Console! making sure Traffik Buster keeps running even when there is a temp ban on your ip! Simple & easy to setup!

Captcha Services
An Account With One Of The Following - Deathbycaptcha, Bypasscaptcha & Decaptcha is necessary to run. Traffik Buster Will NOT Work Without an Account From One Of These Captcha Services.

Traffik Buster Discount - $100 for a LIMITED TIME+ TOP SECRET $20k VALUE FREE BONUS :

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