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    Psy's new track "Gentleman" was supposed to debut this Friday, but in true modern fashion it's already leaked online! You're watching a breaking music news update here on ClevverMusic! South Korean rapper known of course for "Gangnam Style" has carefully planned his next big US single. Upon first listen "Gentleman" follows the same pattern as "Gangnam Style" with monotonous bass, synths, beat drops, one-liners, and catchy hooks. In "Gangnam Style" we got "Heeey sexy lady!" and now we get "Damn, girl, you're so freakin' sexy". Similarly where we heard "Oppa Gangnam Style" we now hear, "I'm a mother-father gentleman". We're guessing this means you're a good enough catch to introduce to the parents. And we're pretty sure where the "father" is, was supposed to be a swear word. Psy pushes the sexuality button a little when he sings, "Gonna make you sweat!/ Gonna make you wet!"

    While we can't really understand 90% of the song as it's in Korean of course, we think he's probably got another hit on his hands based on his global appeal and fan base. The 35-year-old veteran rapper shot the music video this week and will debut the new signature dance moves this weekend at his "Happening" concert in Seoul. Earlier, Psy was quoted saying the new dance will "be largely in a Korean style." We can't wait to see what the exactly look like. For now, listen to the song and give us your rating in the comments! Do you think Psy is a "Gentleman"? For more breaking music news just subscribe to our channel ClevverMusic! I'm your music genius Misty Kingma see you next time.