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    30 scenes that make me cry (A melancholic movie montage)

    Clara Darko

    por Clara Darko

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    These are not meant to be the saddest movie scenes, this is just a selection of scenes that make me cry (and many of them are not even sad). At first I thought this was gonna be a very weird video, cause I cry with the most unusual scenes, but it ended up full of feelings about family, redemption, gratefulness, motherhood, love, sacrifice, loss and death, which don't seem that weird, do they?

    MUSIC: "An ending (Ascent)" by Brian Eno.

    - It could happen to you
    - A.I.
    - Muppet Christmas Carol
    - The miracle worker
    - Ben-Hur
    - Contact
    - The color purple
    - Spirited away
    - Ratatouille
    - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
    - The Fellowship of the Ring
    - Up
    - Starman
    - The curious case of Benjamin Button
    - Away we go
    - Forrest Gump
    - Kill Bill, Vol.2
    - LadyHawke
    - Dark Crystal
    - Pride and prejudice
    - The village
    - Poltergeist
    - Abyss
    - Edward Scissorhands
    - The bridges of Madison County
    - Superman
    - The Crow
    - The Fountain
    - Braveheart
    - 12 monkeys
    - Finding Neverland
    - Toy Story 3