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    Madonna: The best years (1983-2006)

    Clara Darko

    por Clara Darko

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    My personal tribute to the Queen of Pop, one of the greatest stars in music history.

    SONGS: "Into the groove", "Human nature" and "Ray of light". Each one of them represents what I admire most in Madonna: her passion for dancing, her sexual freedom and her huge charisma.

    Several of her music videos are amongst the best videos ever made. These are the ones I used:
    Burning up (1983)
    Holiday (1983)
    Borderline (1983)
    Lucky star (1984)
    Like a virgin (1984)
    Material girl (1985)
    Into the groove (1985)
    Papa don't preach (1986)
    True blue (1986)
    Open your heart (1986)
    La isla bonita (1987)
    Who's that girl (1987)
    Like a prayer (1989)
    Express yourself (1989)
    Cherish (1989)
    Vogue (1990)
    Justify my love (1990)
    Erotica (1991)
    Deeper and deeper (1992)
    Bad girl (1993)
    Fever (1993)
    Rain (1993)
    Secret (1994)
    Bedtime story (1995)
    Human nature (1995)
    Frozen (1998)
    Ray of light (1998)
    Drowned world (1998)
    The power of goodbye (1998)
    Nothing really matters (1999)
    Beautiful stranger (1999)
    Music (2000)
    Don't tell me (2000)
    What it feels like for a girl (2001)
    American life (2002)
    Hollywood (2002)
    Die another day (2002)
    Love profusion (2004)
    Hung up (2005)
    Sorry (2006)
    Get together (2006)
    Jump (2006)

    I'm glad I made this right before "4 minutes" was released, I don't like what Madonna's been doing since then.