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    10-Year-Old Rape Victim Put Behind Bars

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    A 10-year-old rape victim is put behind bars.

    A 10 year old girl in India who was allegedly the victim of rape, was put behind bars when she tried to report the incident to local authorities.

    She went to the women’s police station with her mother after her parents found her unconscious in a field during the night.

    Two women’s police station staff members have been suspended after putting the young girl in a cell for several hours.

    She was released after protests broke out among local citizens.

    A medical exam has yet to confirm the rape, but investigations are underway, and the alleged rapist has so far eluded authorities.

    Another case where the victim of a rape was incarcerated happened in Sacramento, California when a 17 year old girl was locked up in a juvenile detention center while the rapist awaited trial.

    The victim’s attorney said: “I think it’s outrageous that the DA’s office wants to put a rape victim – a juvenile rape victim – in custody, as if she were the criminal, in a case where she is the victim.”

    What do you think? Why would the justice system put a juvenile rape victim in jail?