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    Camel Gifted to French President Ends Up Eaten

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A camel given to the French president ends up eaten.

    Sometimes the most well intended gifts don’t work out - even among world leaders.

    Take, for example, the camel given to France’s president by a local official from Mali as a gesture of gratitude for France’s involvement in ridding the country of Islamic extremists.

    The camel ended up being the main ingredient in someone’s stew, but the whole exchange had proven to be problematic long before that.

    During the presentation ceremony the leaders’ words were drowned out by its unrelenting screams.

    Transport to France was not going to work given all the difficult procedures. So President Hollande re-gifted the camel to a Timbuktu family.

    Reports said they slaughtered it almost immediately and mixed it up in a tagine.

    As if there hadn’t already been enough drama, another Timbuktu man came forward and said the young camel had originally belonged to him and was stolen during a French air raid.

    Gift giving and receiving at the world leader level can be tough. Exchanges between England and the Obama administration show some fine examples. Gaffs include sporting equipment made in China, and the return of a Winston Churchill bust.