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    Switzerland Has Drive-In for Bicycles

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Switzerland has installed a drive-in for bicycles.

    Zurich, Switzerland is becoming home to an increasing number of citizens using bikes as a method of transportation.

    By 2025, the number of bicycle travelers is expected to double in the metropolitan area.

    In response, the government teamed up with designers and debuted a drive-in catered to bicyclists. The best part is that rider doesn’t have to get off their two wheeled pedal vehicles to enjoy a meal or read a newspaper.

    Shaped like a podium, there is a slit which can hold the front wheel, allowing the bike to remain completely stable and upright. The top portion of the wooden bicycle docking station is flat, similar to a tabletop. but with docking stations.

    It is currently only a temporary facility, installed on the terrace of a popular café. The drive-in exhibit is part of the city’s plans to initiate a program for a more bicycle friendly metropolis.

    Late last year, several towns in the Netherlands considered installing heated bicycle lanes which would allow citizens to travel on two wheels comfortably, while also reducing accidents.