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    Dog Eats $100 Bills, Leaves $1 Bill Unharmed

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    by Geo Beats

    A dog eats $100 bills but leaves $1 bills unharmed.

    Some dogs will eat anything.

    Much to Wayne Klinkel’s dismay, in the case of his 12-year-old golden retriever that includes cash – Ben Franklin’s and lots of them. (1,caption)

    When left alone in the car last December, Klinkel’s pet devoured 500 of the 501 dollars stashed in a cubbyhole. He ate four and a half of the $100 bills, but left the $1 bill behind.

    Being aware that dogs don’t digest paper, the owner followed him around for days, saving and sifting through the dog’s waste.

    Ultimately, he was able to mostly piece together the bills.

    Klinkel went to a series of banks and was ultimately told his best option was to mail them directly to the Department of Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

    Klinkel probably wishes his story had similar fate as that of Christy Lawrenson. Her dog ate but then threw up the 1000 dollars in large bills.

    She was able to piece together 9 of them well enough to be exchanged at the bank