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    Four Women Accused of Sexually Assaulting Man

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    Four women are accused of sexually assaulting a man.

    Police are on the lookout for several women who have been accused of an unthinkable act.

    An incident allegedly occurred on March 31st when four women sexually assaulted a 19-year-old man.

    The male reportedly met the ladies at a nightclub in Toronto. He then left with the women who offered to give him a ride home.

    According to a statement by police, the females instead drove to a parking lot where the victim was sexually assaulted by all of them. The suspects eventually let go of the male and were witnessed leaving the area in a car that looked like a Honda SUV.

    They were described to be in their 30’s, measuring about 5 feet 4 inches and weighing approximately 200 pounds each.

    Last year, a Nigerian man with 6 wives decided to spend a night in his youngest wife's room. However, his 5 other marital partners barged in, armed with sticks and knives.

    They demanded that he have sex with all of them. The man declined to participate, but was soon overpowered and the 'sex march' began. He quit breathing and died once it was the fifth bride's turn, causing many to call the incident a rape.