Like Your Nose, Other Body Parts Also Have Smell Cells

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Like your nose, other body parts have smell cells.

The experience of smelling things may be a whole lot more complicated than previously thought.

According to information given at an American Chemical Society meeting in New Orleans, the blood, heart, and lungs have olfactory receptors, too.

The ones in the nose detect substances called odorants and turn them into brain-translatable aromas.

Although the sensors have been discovered in parts of the body, it’s unknown at this time if they actually smell stuff the way the nose does.

In experiments researchers from the Technical University of Munich, found when they placed an odorant on one side of a walled chamber and blood cells on the other, the cells moved toward the odorant. The scientists would like to find out why.

The team works in the specialized field of sensomics, the study of discovering how the mouth and nose work together to sense aroma, texture, and taste in foods.

They discovered that of the 1 thousand possible odor components of coffee the nose only interacts with 25 of them.

Where do the other 975 go? We’ll have to wait and see.