Scaffold (Adele's "Skyfall" parody)


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This is the end.
Hold your breath and count to ten.
Feel the floor move and then
feel that noose tighten.

This is the end
of corny teenage girls romantic lyrics,
of high pitched never ending shrilling shivering notes,
the end of the cheesy blues factory.

If the scaffold
doesn't crumble
you'll stand there
and we'll watch it all together.

If the scaffold
doesn't crumble
there are odds
you won't sing
next fall.

You were told that your music lacked rythm,
you could not let one note hang for an hour in the air.
You could have hired a drummer or afforded a choir
You were the only one in the light and did not want to share.

You've overdone the "little girls got talent" thing
Don't be surprised if male audience does not care.
We like the Bond girl type to die in the end so beware.
You behave like a queen, there are revolutionnaire.

On the scaffold
we will invoke
ancient rock stars.
They didn't die in vain.

On the scaffold
we will avenge
the poor pianists
bored to death
last fall.

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