Changes to UK disability benefits may leave thousands worse off


by PressTV


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Hold on a moment, ..I assumed that those who cuse by teir actions...purposeful actions, the deaths of others - 1 has starved 1 has had her suicidal tendencies incited, and others...but as these are directly according to the benefit cuts, David Cameron is effectively a murderer...Serial Murderer...
Are you next on his list? Think, ..if you receive benefit or assistance from the government...when you go that's less funds drained from the social necessities...and David can give this to another country... He did steal funds...entitled funds from the poor and needy who understood they'd get help from him...but help?
Help to die...nutrition loss...starvation...incited suicidal tendencies...
Ah, David Cameron is actually trying to remove the drain on social funds...
Are you next?
..look over your shoulder... Is he hiding somewhere?
By Jason Pullen Last year