Elaborate Dekotora Trucks of Japan

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Check out the elaborate Dekotora trucks of Japan.

Japanese culture has many unusual facets.

Among them are the Dekotoras or “decoration trucks”.

The vehicles are flashy to say the least, containing boldly colored paint jobs, side murals, neon lights and extremely shiny chrome or gold components. The eye-catching designs are found on the exterior and carry over into the interior cab.

Japanese families spend months decking out the trucks by hand, each one usually costing around $150,000 to fully decorate. The trucks require extra generators under the chassis, due to the abundance of bulbs.

Their numerous lights can only be turned on for about 20 minutes before they begin to overheat. Owners of the custom vehicles gather at truck meets to show off their one-of-a-kind designs.

Themes can range from elegant to bizarre. The tradition began in the mid 1970s when the first series of 10 movies was released called ‘Truck Guys’.

The phenomenon continues to this day, each truck owner carrying over their own sense of style to the vehicle.