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    Cockroach Cam Brought Live to You By Animal Planet

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A cockroach cam is brought live to you by Animal Planet.

    Other than skittering, terrorizing, and contaminating, what do cockroaches do all day?

    The Animal Planet network, sensing that the public has always wanted to know, has launched a new live 24-hour service.

    They’ve supplied a few lucky bugs with mini cams and are broadcasting their adventures in real time.

    If cockroaches aren’t your thing you can check out the antics of penguins, puppies, kittens, and sea nettles among many others.

    Hopefully you can find an animal cam the whole family – furry and otherwise – agrees on.

    To ensure top talent, the network has partnered with nature conservatories, rescue shelters, and research organizations.

    If you have pets of your own they might also want to check it out.

    Studies have shown that many types of animals are quite mesmerized by images of their own species.

    Where dogs will stare at other dogs, cats are more inclined to favor fast-moving, colorful objects.

    How do you like the idea of live animal cams?