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    Noob Shop (Thrift Shop Parody) - YT$


    by iijeriichoii

    A parody of the legendary Thrift Shop by Macklemore! Like/Share if you enjoy!
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    I'm gonna cop some tags,
    Only got 1 more bitch ass rocket,
    I-I-I'm huntin',
    Lookin for some bad kids,
    This is fucking awesome!

    Hop in the lobby like 'WHAT UP? I got a big cock!'
    Nah, I'm just pumped they got some noobs I'm about to rock,
    Ice on my gun, man it's so damn frosty that people be like
    'Damn, that makes my pants saucy'

    Rollin' in 6 deep,
    Hunting for that swarm streak,
    Auto-Fal kinda cheap,
    Lobby full of kids that squeek,
    Making children cry and weep,
    Tell them they're an adoptee,
    Don't forget to call your mom,
    Oh wait, she's in bed with me (diss)

    But shit, she was 99 cents!
    Droppin' and poppin' domes like it's my primary business
    Getting quad headshot cross-map no-scopes on noobs just like it's christmas
    Can't contain my 5 killstreak hellstorm be raining down your britches
    Like a pedophilic bear who creeping on you young ass bitches!

    I'ma take your sentry gun, I'm a take your sentry gun,
    No, for real man, can I have your sentry gun,
    RC XD and a C-UAV, 2 more kills,

    They had a B flag, I got a B flag,
    I triple capped their team,
    And then I gave some T-Bags
    Hello? Hello? It's hard to hear you fellows
    All the way at the top of the scoreboard,
    You're so far down below GRIZZ!

    Jump off a building and 720,
    All the montage makers be like
    'Aww he got that YT$'


    Whatchu know bout rocking the Astros on your noggin?
    Whatchu know bout exercise, I aint joggin,
    I'm gaming, I'm gaming, I'm searching for my squad,
    Cause one man's hitmarker's another man's QUAD
    MSMC on with that extended mag attatchment
    Grab 2 nades with danger close in hopes that enemies will catch em
    Secondary pistols, perks, and camos fill my custom classes,
    Gamertags like dankbongrips be acting like we smokin' grasses.

    Your grammy, your mommy, your aunty, your mammy,
    I took em to the room, bent em over, had sex with em motherfuckas!
    That's what this kid said on xbox motherfucker?
    Ruby Tuesdays for Fajitas, that motherfucker!

    They be like 'yo, this map pack is hella tight'
    I be like 'yo, that's 1600 msp for nothing'
    $50 admission, lets do some simple addition, $15 for a map pack?
    That's just some ignorant bitch (shit)
    I call that getting infinity warded.
    That's why Treyarch's finally playing smart business,
    5 new maps, new zombies, new guns,
    So many ways to pwn noobs, don't hide, you can't run
    Peep game come take a look through my sniper scope,
    Tryna get girls from K/D, then you hella wont.


    I'm playing Black Ops 2,
    I'm shooting right at you,
    But my skill has been negated,
    Cause you've been lag compensated (repeat)

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