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    by l2v2010

    2 668 views SKINNY WRAP – BODY WRAP-IT WORKS – TX, OK, AR, LA, NM.

    It is so EASY!! 1) Take out the skinny wrap 2) Put on the skinny wrap 3)See results from that crazy skinny wrap in as little as 45 minutes. You will see the tape measure DOES NOT lie. You decide where you want to put it, and the skinny wrap will tighten, tone, firm AND reduce the appearance of cellulite right in front of your eyes.

    The “It Works” Skinny Body Wrap works by hydrating, nourishing and reducing your stretch marks and cellulite. This first to market body wrap has been used repeatedly by tens of thousands of people for over 10 years.

    RESULTS: 80% of people who try the body wrap see results in the first 45 minutes. The results will last 2-5 months depending on your lifestyle. The body wraps are sold in a box of four because 4 are considered a full treatment. Focus on one area at a time, wrap it, wear it a minimum of 45 minutes, drink a bottle of water and remove it. Since the skinny wrap continues to work for 72 hours after it is removed, no need to wrap again until that 4th day. Wrap the same area again and continue as instructed.

    Do Skinny Wraps Work? YES! It Works! Will My Skinny Wrap Results Last? YES!

    If you would like to give our skinny wraps a try visit us at or

    Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions