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    Using A Franchise Consultant.

    Ron Gorton

    by Ron Gorton

    A franchise consultant can provide expertise and guidance throughout the entire process. Listed below are 12 reasons that it is advantageous to use this service. A potential business owner that has an interest in purchasing and running a franchise would benefit from the services of a franchise consultant to help you determine if franchising is right for you and if so, what type.1. The service is free to the franchisee, with the franchiser covering the consulting fees.2. The service is personal and confidential.3. The consultant guides the potential franchisee through the entire process of deciding whether to become a franchisee, and how to go about it.4. A detailed profile including an evaluation of the potential owner's experience, interests, and goals is complied in order to match the new franchisee with the most suitable opportunity.5. Education is provided on the various types of ownership and investment options.6. Investigation into the most suitable opportunities that are availa