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    James Brown. Civil Rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton remembers visiting the South with James Brown. from James Brown: Al Sharpton Quotes 06


    by x1age5l

    James Brown. A clip from the documentary, "The Night James Brown Saved Boston", features Civil Rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton speaking about visiting the South, 'the Hood', with James Brown. He wanted to bring hope to the children so they could see that they can make it despite the hard times. James Brown was a man with vision, "taking everyone along for his ride." James Brown understood and was sure of his place in history.

    Video transcript:

    Rev. Al Sharpton: I remember one day we were in some town in the south and I said, I said you always go to the hood? I said that's so inspiring to those kids. He said, I go there because nobody else goes there. Somebody got to let the kids see they can make. People didn't understand that James Brown wouldn't just a big star to us. He was hope. He was that we could be zero and make it. He was a way of life. He's the only one that was sure where he was in history. I just wish I had enough sense to tell him before he died he was right because I thought he was daydreamer. What was to us a dream was a man with vision. He always knew where he end up and he always knew he was just taking us along for his right.
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