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    James Brown's part in the Civil Rights Movement and his disagreeing with Martin Luther King, Jr. from James Brown: JB on MLK & Watts Riot


    by JamesBrown

    James Brown. A clip from the documentary, "The Night James Brown Saved Boston", features James Brown's involvement with the civil rights movement and his disagreement with Martin Luther King Jr.'s ideology of non-violence.

    Video transcript:

    Narrator: Then in 1965, landmark civil rights legislation was signed but for some it was too little too late.

    Gutted shells of buildings, flames raging out of control and an atmosphere of apprehensions still hover over the quieting Watt section of Los Angeles.

    Narrator: James Brown who was finally enjoying cross over success entered the frey cautiously.

    Male Speaker: Mr. Brown said he looked at religion and he looked at politics and that just didn't work so the only way to get people which through music.

    Rickey Vincent: James Brown represented that aspect of civil rights movement of self determination of this affirmation that you are in control of your destiny and potential for your future.

    Martin Luther King: The city line tomorrow we have a new song that we are going to sing, we have overcome.

    James Brown: Dr Martin Luther King it the nerve the guts the drive and determination and the wisdom to start something and see it through.

    Cornel West: James Brown was in no way a pacifist. He disagreed with Martin when he got a chance to talk with him. He said you are a great man I think you done magnificent things but I am not a follower of non-violence. If somebody hits me I am going to hit them back.

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