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    James Brown: News reports of MLK's assassination from James Brown: News reports of MLK's assassination


    by JamesBrown

    James Brown. A clip from the documentary, "The Night James Brown Saved Boston", features news reports of Dr. King's assassination by James Earl Ray. Also includes clips of statements by Robert Kennedy, Jr. and President Lyndon B. Johnson with James Brown singing in background. An interview with Civil Rights activist Dr. Cornel West of Princeton University notes that the Black community has never recovered from Martin Luther King Jr.'s death.

    Video transcript:

    This is CBS News Special Report.

    Memphis was a confused and shocked city tonight. No one can believe what has happened.

    Yes, he is alive. So he was standing on the balcony at a hotel and he came out of his room and came to the edge of the balcony and as he came out he was shot.

    A report we just got is that it's fatal.

    Reporter: I beg your pardon?

    We just got a report that it's fatal. That the shot was fatal. The wound is fatal.

    I have some very sad news for all of you and people who love peace all over the world and that it's that Martin Luther King was shot and was killed tonight in Memphis.

    You were dead -- last to the dream of you --

    America is shocked and saddened by the brutal slaying tonight of Dr. Martin Luther King.

    When Martin died in April 4, 1968 something died in black people. Every soul in black people. We haven't gotten over, this 40 years.

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