James Brown. Interviews regarding support of President Richard Nixon. from James Brown: Too Much Power

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James Brown. A clip from the documentary, "The Night James Brown Saved Boston", features interviews of James Brown's support of President Richard Nixon. Band member Marva Whitney notes how James Brown performed at the first inauguration of President Richard Nixon in 1969. In 1973, James Brown supported the re-election of President Nixon, much to the shock of his fans. Civil Rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton emphasized that James Brown did what he thought was right for the Black community in support of President Nixon, even though he realized that it would not be a popular decision and would cause him problems.

Video transcript:

There was a set of people who said this man got too much power. They didn't see it for the good that he meant. He meant all the good in the world and he suffered for being good.

I, Richard Milhaus Nixon do solemnly swear.

In 1969, Mr. Brown played at the Nixon inaugural. Four years later, he shocked his fans by supporting the re-election of the president.

He risks the black crowd because he wanted to endorse Richard Nixon. I mean he was a guy who just will always do what he felt was right even though he knew this was risky at best and sometimes guaranteed the cost of the problem and you got to remember from way he started. If you didn't take risks, he would still be on the side of roads of South

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