James Brown. Interviews about Hubert Humphrey and the Black Panthers. from James Brown: Black Panthers


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James Brown. A clip from the documentary, "The Night James Brown Saved Boston", features interviews with Marva Whitney regarding the Summer of 1968. James Brown was under pressure that he wasn't an "Uncle Tom." He endorsed Hubert Humphrey for President and the Black Panthers thought he was a "Sold Brother." He couldn't understand black on black crime and why the Black community didn't respect each other and why they didn't have pride in themselves.

Video transcript:

Narrator: In late July, Brown campaigned with [inaudible 0:00:07] endorsing him for president.

Do you want to hear from James Brown. I wanna hear from James Brown. All of you want to hear James Brown, say James Brown.

He has a little problem with the black panthers because they said that Mr. Brown was a capitalist.

The called him sold, S-O-L-D, brother number one, that --

That summer of 1968, James Brown was under a lot of pressure to prove that he was of the people that he wasn't a support of government policies in Vietnam that he was not some sort of sell out or Uncle Tom or lucky.

While sitting there, watching television and there was some black on the black crime going on and he said, he said, Mr. Brother we haven't trouble with the black panthers, they don't want to believe we are real and look at this, he says, why don't black people love each other. Why can't black people respect each other? Why can't we have pride?

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