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    James Brown visiting Vietnam. from James Brown: Band In Vietnam


    by x1age5l

    James Brown. A clip from the documentary, "The Night James Brown Saved Boston", features music historian Rickey Vincent and Civil Rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton discussing James Brown's decision to bring his band to visit the troops in Vietnam. Despite criticism of traveling to Vietnam, James Brown felt compelled to support the soldiers who were putting their lives on the line. At his own cost, James Brown entertained the troops in the middle of the war zone in Vietnam because it was the right thing to do.

    Video transcript:

    Rickey Vincent: When he decided to take his fan to Vietnam, he was fairly surprised by the reaction from the liberal progressive community both white and black who's had association with the Vietnam War effort is it implied association with this imperialist project of the US.

    Rev. Al Sharpton: He heard the criticism and he went anywhere. There are soldiers over there that come out of his community and his thing was whether I'll agree or you agree that they should be there or not. There over there and they're lives gone a lot and they've got the right to be entertained just like the white soldiers that see Bob Ho and I'm gonna go over there and he did that at his cost and he did it with his own life risk. I mean they went war. He went in a war zone area. While people sit around debating he went in a war zone.

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