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    RCTV #302:Green Day/The Dickies/Agnostic Front & More!

    Reality Check TV

    by Reality Check TV

    Episode #302 entitled "All This & Punk Rck Stew" : The lovely Alisha Amnesia talks about her club series called "3 punks & a Drag Queen" which is of course 3 punk bands & hosted by a drag queen. At this event The drag Queen is Depositori spelling who performs.
    Their first appearance on our show! Arnocoprs a band whose songs are all based on Arnold Schwartezenegger films when Arnold was the Governor at the time.
    Once again Blue Period with gender bending vocalist Adrian Roberts appears on our show. Adrian now has asuccssful career fronthing the mash up band Smash Up Derby and DJing mash up club "Bootie".
    The Grannies are one of San Francisco's most popular punk bands. They rock & dress like Grannies!!
    Legendary New York City Hardcore cross over greats Agnostic Front tear it up in San Francisco!
    We welcome back the legendary Dickies armed with more props than ever! guitarist Stan Lee talks aboutthe bands animated acrtoon music video "Donut Man".
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