Handbreak Stuck

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With a stuck handbreak, the quick method of forcing it loose by jolting the van forewards can go wrong as can be seen here! I found that in retrospect, it would perhaps have been better to take the wheel off and loosen the handbreak manually. I don't know if this is a pro' way to do it, but I sure wish we'd tried this method before shredding a new tyre!
Please note, this is not a professional automobile video, we just thought it expedient to let others know about this simple solution to the problem, if you're out of range of a garage, or out of cash!
We hope this video helps you, but please note, we accept no resonsability for your car or your safety, and we offer no guarantees that it will work on any vehicle!.
Good luck!
NB sountrack can be disabled, all commentry is subtitles!
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