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Five minutes before his big performance, the Maestro and his persistent mechanical assistant are in preparation mode. As the clock ticks, life at the top is not all it seems.The multi award-winning Maestro blends an operatic aria with CG animation.

Written and directed by Géza M. Toth
Produced by Eva M Toth, 2005
Made in Budapest, Hungary

23 commenti

Belle Video :)) . ,,.............
Di eshasweety 4 anni fa
J’aime bien l’idée du travelling par acoups

Et alors la chute, chouette (heu, non, coucou)
Di Yannick Duchêne 4 anni fa
Simply beautiful . Well done work . I personally did enjoy the lighting , well very nice .
Di Mehmet PINARCI 5 anni fa
I SOOOOO caught on to that like half way through, lol, great idea though very well done
Di Jimbo-Smitty 6 anni fa
et en plus ça marche dans toutes les langues trop fort
Di chapterwan 7 anni fa
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