Flowers Appear to Float in This Ripple Contraption

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A ripple contraption makes flowers seemingly float.

A Japanese design group has created a floating flower holder with a visual ripple effect.

Flowers can be seen inside of clear cups, vases or bowls, but amazingly the stem doesn’t touch the bottom, giving the appearance that the beautiful plant is effortlessly and gracefully floating.

The ripple contraption appears to be an optical illusion. The piece is shaped like a small disc that looks like a suction cup. At the center is a swirl or ripple with an opening that allows a small flower to be inserted inside.

That little piece can then be placed in a regular vase or cup adding a stunning effect. The disc shaped cups are clear plastic that blend easily into any body of water.

They float, with the flower balancing inside. Going by the movement of the air, the flower is able to move around in the water, shifting positions while standing.

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