Chinese Dog and Cat Markets



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"The atrocities inflicted upon dogs and cats slaughtered for human consumption in Korea are shockingly cruel: Dogs are electrocuted or are often fully conscious as they are strung up by their necks and beaten violently in order to increase the flow of adrenaline in their flesh, which is believed to increase the virility of men who eat it. Cats endure a fate just as horrific. A recent ITN news report confirms that cats are often boiled alive in order to extract their “juice” for use in medicinal “tonics.”

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not much different than what happens to chickens in american slaughterhouses,but then again americans dont keep chickens in their house as pets. cats are mothing more than chickens, theyre food, I dont care how they kill it as long as it makes it to my plate nice and hot and with a crisp golden brown skin
By Keith Arnold February
This is one of the best videos I've seen! :o btw check out my pics!! :-)
By alicekok 4 years ago
wow this is ridiculous
By jizz jizzurp 6 years ago
gooks !
By jesuismaroc 6 years ago
ma in che mondo di MERDA viviamo!!! altro che gatti e cani GLI UMANI bisognerebbe mettere nel pentolone a bollire.. ad avere tanti cash e un prato enorme li ritirerei tutti io, premetto che non sono un animalista, ma certi video non andrebbero nemmeno pubblicati,non c'è come sentire le fusa del micio quando lo si accarezza..
Conviviamo con loro e impariamo ad amarli e rispettarli come loro ci rispettano e ci amano...
By webank 6 years ago
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