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    by joeyadams1



    Alright children. Joey would never do something like this, ever. He is a good guy. So stop being so god damn lame and making threats that you'd never follow throught with. And to 'iluvtosteal', PLEASE try to use some punctuation. It truly made my head hurt to have to read all that. Anyway, neither Joey or Arsenio took your fucking skates kid. Why don't you grow the fuck up, realize they were probably taken by someone at your own god damn park who knew where they were, and stop starting shit with Joey and Arsenio. I promise you, that is something you don't want to do. So suck up your pride, stop trying to act so god damn tough, realize your own mistake, and stop being such a fucking pussy.

    Oh, and by the way, good job at putting your phone number on a public forum. Dipshit.
    By whitneyistrue9 years ago
    yo for the last time i dont give a fuk what u think cause i kno the truth and i bet if i come up to inman u wont be sayin half the shit u r on the computer cause u r a computer gangsta but anyway if u wanna settle this between men then u holla at me and ill be down in inman as asap to beat the fuk out up and dog if u think im not capable to do so try me and if u think im fukin playin say one more outrageous thing wit my name in the mix of it and ill see u at inman one of these days and i dont give a fuk who u wit who u bring im gonna break your fukin face so get ready homeboi and o yea i like how u call joeys phone and call him a nigger luva so u kno what i swear to everything i luv when i come to inman im gonna knock your fukin head off cause u went way to far wit that nigger shit so jus kno your wanted and thats not a threat i swear its a promise
    By folkrida1019 years ago
    iight playboi im gonna tell u this and only once before u fukin put my name in anything u betta kno the fukin tru facts as far as your fukion sk8s and your so called ipod how would i manage to get that out of there witout noone seein me and when i was in that room u and all your homies were in there and i was lookin for a fukin wheel for my sk8 cause u seen it was broken so tell me how i could fukin steal from u and i was in the fukin room wit u ass and how would i manage to hide two big ass remz wit no book bag or nothing jus my fukin sk8s and hoodie and homeboi keep puttin my name out there like that and im seriously gonna fuk u up and thats not a threat thats a fukin promise cause your facts arent fukin matchin up thats jus like sayin millions of pairs of 0601s and those r yours i kno so many kids that have my same exact set up and i guess they stole from u too but im not gonna say this nomore if i come on here and see anotha one of those wacked out comments then u gonna have to deal wit me
    By folkrida1019 years ago