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    PokeMMO Bot


    by MustSeeVideos

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    PokeMMO Bot [PACK] - v 1.8.0 -
    Download Link:


    Auto Grind For Lucky Eggs
    Auto Grind For Dragon Scales
    Auto Grind Shiny Pokemon
    Auto Grind Rare Safari Pokemon
    Auto Grind 24/7 NON-STOP
    Auto Grind Game Corner
    Auto Grind For Experience
    Auto Healing Grinds
    Customizable Grinding Methods(key hold/key press)
    Editable Grinds (Distance AND Speed)
    User Programmed Color Bot(s)
    Preset/Editable Color Bot
    Detect Rare Safari Pokemon
    Spin-in-Circles (Clockwise/Reverse)
    Auto Read Messages
    Auto Bike If Not On It
    Forced Memory Writing
    - Get/Set Address Values
    Custom Controller
    Customizable Appearance
    Attack Slot Choices
    Customizable Grinding Speed
    Customizable Grinding Types
    - Vertical
    - Horizontal
    - 360 Degree(Circles)
    - Fishing
    Editable Process Info
    - Hack Multiple Games Easily!
    Image Importing
    Randomized Timers (if checked)
    - Increased Stealth
    Custom Battle Music Changer
    Custom Catch Music Changer
    Custom Routing Speeds
    Auto Run When Routing / Grinding
    Catch And Encounter Logs
    Working Area Adjuster
    Application Size Adjuster
    HEX # to DEX # Converter
    - For Use With Hacking Other Games
    Adjustable Grinding Keys
    Custom Chat Spammer
    Pokemon Bait Thrower
    Pokemon Rock Thrower
    Throw Bait/Rocks At "All Pokemon"
    Throw Bait/Rocks At "Selected Pokemon"
    Multi-DLL Injection
    Fast (1mil/sec) API Color Scanner
    PokeMMO Bot Chat Room
    - talk about hacking w/out getting banned!
    * get help/support anytime from active users!
    Built-In Debugger!
    Run Multiple Copies Easily!
    Easy Right-Click Menus!



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