Tortoise Sweaters Causing a Buzz

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An Etsy shop features tortoise sweaters.

The combination of animals and colorful outfits is almost always a crowd pleaser.

One creature loving artist is selling sweaters for tortoises on etsy.

The coverings are brightly colored, crocheted creations that are meant to reside over the turtle’s shell. The artist states “I created this shop to bring joy to other tortoise and reptile fans. 10% of the income from my Etsy shop will benefit the International Reptile Rescue in Canby Oregon. The rest will go towards my own tortoises, as well as future ones I will rescue and rehabilitate.”

One of the sweaters is a green and orange "stegosaurus" tortoise cozy. Covering the entire shell, the garment wraps around the underside of the reptile to stay in place and add a little extra warmth.

Another crocheted sweater boasts a propeller-like design which would help tortoise owners easily find their beloved pet while roaming through the grass.

A red and blue x-shaped design resides on the back of the reptile while an attached stretchy band loops around the body, keeping the garment secured.

Can you see your tortoise wearing one of these?