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    This Is the Most Intelligent US City

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    This US city is running for the world's smartest city title.

    Hey smarty-pants, you must be from Columbus, Ohio.

    Sure, it’s not a popular pick-up line now, but that could all change in June if Columbus wins the Intelligent Community Forum’s prize for the world’s most intelligent city.

    It’s one of the 7 final nominees and the only American city to make the cut.

    ICF founder Richard Bell recently went there to see if the city lives up to its hype.

    Bell said he’s interested in seeing how education and government serve the community. He’s looking for higher education that’s informed by the needs of business as well as government decisions that serve the majority rather than just the elite.

    City leaders in business and government are giving Bell tours of education, research, and technology facilities.

    The other nominees are Taoyuan County and Taichung City - both in Taiwan, Canada also has two nominees Stratford and Toronto, and the final two are Tallinn, Estonia and Oulu, Finland.

    Past winners include Riverside, California; Stockholm, Sweden; and the Gangnan District in Seoul, South Korea.

    How do you think your city ranks in intelligence compared to others?