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    These Window Washers Dress in Kilts

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Window washers dress in kilts.

    The word 'kilts' brings up imagery of the traditions associated with the Scottish highlands.

    Breaking the stereotype is a Boston-based window washing company that has male employees wearing Scottish attire. The company is simply called “Men in Kilts”.

    The male employees clean windows, pressure wash buildings, and tidy up gutters in the manly skirts. One employee states “If you don't look down, it feels like you're wearing shorts”.

    It’s not exactly a job for shy folks, as the men commonly have to climb a ladder, giving many people an under the kilt view. But their business shirts boast a nice catch phrase which states “no peeking”.

    The franchise owner states “My son was up on the second floor and the women were walking down the street and instead of going around the ladder, they'd go under the ladder. And he just politely said, ‘no peeking’.”

    How do you the concept of men doing their jobs in kilts? Would you wear a kilt to work?