Man Gets Star-Shaped Cataract Resulting from Punch

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A man is left with a star-shaped cataract resulting from a punch.

A 55-year-old man in Austria arrived at his doctor’s office complaining that the vision in one of his eyes had progressively deteriorated over the course of six months.

According to the medical report, the patient claimed that he had been punched in the face nine months earlier. The male had received eye trauma resulting in a bizarre, star-shaped cataract.

Apparently eyes commonly develop cataracts when the eyeball is struck, as the force from the blow can send shock waves to the area, which disrupts the lens. The eye can then become opaque in some sections.

However most cataracts are shaped similar to a cloud, not a star. The 55-year-old was treated and outfitted with an artificial lens.

In another bizarre case recently, a 67-year-old woman arrived at the hospital complaining of visions of bizarre faces with football-shaped heads and large eyes, ears and teeth. A doctor at the University of Kentucky determined that she had a condition known as Charles Bonnet syndrome.