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    RCTV #208:Slash's Snake Pit/Alice in Chains/Metallica/Green Day & more (2000)

    Reality Check TV

    by Reality Check TV

    Epiosde #208 entitled "Taking a stand
    we start off with the Million Band March was a community protest set up buy local bands & artists to pretet the closing down of the Downtown Rehearsal studios which was going to put hundreds of bands out with no place to rehearse. Metallica's Kirk Hammett makes a speech,Green day performs,The wrestlers of Incredibly Strange Wrestling talk trash on stage with supervisor Tom Amiano. We see members of the Gun & Doll show,local cartoonist Keith Knight ("K Chronicles")Andie Kopp of Sex Pot,Sparrow's Point, Beth Ramona of The Metal Sluts,KUSF DJ Jet,Patrick form Pansy Division,live performances by Creeper Lagoon,the Claymation Army Theater group,Zen Guerilla & event organizer Ian Brennan. For the record the bands Won and got to stay in SF! : We run in to Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell who at the time had just moved to SF and had a new solo project going.
    While riding the bus we meet Stan Flouride a middle aged punk who was on national television with Regis Philbin in the hit game show "Who wants To Be a Millionaire" Stan tells us about his experience.
    Then another Exclusive:The legendary Slash! :In between Guns n' Roses and before Velvet Revolver Slash had this cool project going and is given a surprise with visit from Jetboy's Billy Rowe whom he hasn't seen in many years! Reality Check TV is offering our loyal friends and fans a killer discount for Skate and Snowboard Gear! GO to via our direct link; you can save 15% off of orders of $75 or more! Use our SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE AFCCRC2V and click the link to start saving! All purchases through our portal help support RCTV.
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