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    2007 Chevy Silverado Borla Exhaust Systems 140183 Catback Exhaust



    13 просмотров 140183 Borla Exhaust Systems fits 20032007 Chevy Silverado, 20032007 GMC Sierra. 140183 Borla Exhaust Systems Features Generate maximum performance with the Performance Exhaust System. Custom designed and crafted for your specific vehicle. Freeflowing tubes & mufflers produce that distinctive Borla Sound of Power. Crafted entirely from aerospacegrade T304 stainless steelthe best material for a performance exhaust system. Mandrelbent tubing eliminates excessive backpressure and provides a smooth exit for spent gasses. Borla Cat Back Exhaust Systems Sound Clips, 460 Reviews & Installation Guides for Borla Exhaust. Borla Performance Industries 140183.