Tank Driven into Pole By 'Drunk' Soldier

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A tank is driven into a lamp post by an alleged drunk solider.

DUI usually applies to cars or trucks but what happens when it involves military vehicles?

A Russian soldier is in some serous hot water and faces a court martial.

The soldier was allegedly drunk when he crashed his armored tank right into a street light post.

The accident happened during daylight hours in front of numerous drivers who were on the road at the time.

In the moments leading up to the crash, normal cars are stopped by a regulating traffic cop. Then the tank appears, taking a left turn.

The military vehicle abruptly stops and then goes, wildly bucking around on the street before colliding with a large, impossible to miss, stationary lamp post.

In some cases like these, civilians rise to the occasion. Last year, a man in South Africa apprehended a cop who was allegedly intoxicated. Russell George had been driving when he witnessed a police van operating recklessly at high speed.

After calling the area's emergency number, George stated "I then grabbed his keys, pulled him out and locked him in the back of his own van".