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    Ultimate Cup for Cookie Dunking

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A new product is the ultimate cup for cookie dunking.

    Who doesn't like to dunk cookies? But it's messy and cumbersome.

    A new project on offers a simpler solution to this indulgence.

    Utilizing “High Milk Displacement Dunk Chamber Technology”, the item in question is basically a cup, specially engineered to give the most dunkage per volume of milk. Able to hold eight ounces of that good, old white drink, the cup is dishwasher safe.

    The anatomy of the glass features a wide mouth, simply made for easy dunking. Beneath the large opening is a rounded chamber, designed specifically for the rounded shape of a cookie. A stable base completes the cup.

    The dunking mechanisms were constructed with the help of a 3D printer.

    The product line has come about at the right time. Recently, England's uber-chef Heston Blumenthal scientifically proved that cookie dunking in hot beverages does enhance the flavor.

    Are you a cookie dunker? Do you like the idea of an optimally-designed cup for dunking?